Hi! I’m Kayla!


Winner Creek Trail, Girdwood, AK

I am a wild chick that decided to share my stories of my adventures from my time spent traveling the globe and hiking through the mountains.

I am an outdoor enthusiast, explorer, and adventurer.

I am a boundless dreamer, a creative being, and a storyteller.

I aim to inspire and serve others by sharing stories of my adventures, successes, and failures with authenticity, vulnerability, and a healthy dose of humor.

I am a Rebel on Purpose.

What is a Rebel on Purpose?

Being a Rebel on Purpose is simply unapologetically and intentionally living life as your authentic self – it is about being exactly who you are not who the world wants you to be.

A lot of times being a rebel is going against the grain – going against the status quo. For me, it is pursuing my love for the outdoors, travel, and storytelling. It also includes taking awesomely liberating topless pictures in the wilderness when Mother Nature and I are vibing.

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From Left to Right: (1) The Salmo-Priest Wilderness (2) Thompson Pass outside of Valdez, AK (3) The top of 49 Degrees North Ski Area

Another aspect of being a Rebel on Purpose is supporting others and showing that there is another way. I know that many of us have been told the only viable path is a college degree and getting a job – if that is your jam, then keep on rocking my friend, but if by chance it’s not, then you’re in the right place. I am here to inspire, support, and serve those rebellious souls that want something more out of life or at least something different than student loans and a 9-5 gig.

Let’s have some fun, laughs, and adventure. Let’s break some “rules” (not the law). Let’s LIVE as Rebels on Purpose.